Our Process

Unlike the teams of most traditional cleaning companies offering new “deep-cleaning” services to combat COVID-19, Aerify’s is highly trained, and our process specializes in disinfection. Our application process not only disinfects your environment—it also protects against new microorganisms from surviving for up to 30 days.

In the event you’re into the science, as we are, we’ve laid out the technical details of our disinfectant process below.

How It Works

1. PREVENT: While traditional cleaning services only cover “touchable” surfaces, the Aerify process covers 99% of your environment, preventing exposure to germs, bacteria and viruses.

2. DISINFECT: Our licensed technicians use a specialized airless spray machine that breaks down our EPA-registered disinfectant through a process called atomization, yielding a very thin vapor allowing us to blanket the entire environment, drawing all the contaminants out of the air and evenly permeating all surfaces.

3. PROTECT: Our advanced process takes it a step further by applying a protective antimicrobial solution which will continue to fight microorganisms including bacteria and viruses up to 30 days.

What You Can Expect

Easy Scheduling
Affordable Pricing
Molecular-Level Cleaning
Peace of Mind

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