This blog is part 4 of our 4-part series on everything you need to know to reopen your business post COVID-19 closures. Part 1 reviews how to develop your business reopening plan; part 2 covers what should be done once you’re open; part 3 is all about the different cleaning methods you could implement; and this post is about finding the right partner to help you do it all.

As we mentioned in our previous posts, reopening your business is not easy. It requires a complete reevaluation of your business and may even involve a significant revamp of your business operations. The only way to reopen and remain open is to implement the right cleaning and disinfecting services to keep your employees and customers safe. You don’t want just any disinfecting services, you want the best disinfecting services. Here’s everything you should be looking for.

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How the Best Disinfecting Services Work

Top-of-the-Line Technology and Solutions

The best disinfecting services use commercial-grade atomizers to blanket your environment with a disinfectant and antimicrobial solution to not only clean but keep surfaces clean. Unlike traditional cleaning or even deep cleaning methods, using these together cleans surfaces at a molecular level.


  • Consistent application and coverage across surfaces
  • More precise than other types of machines like traditional sprayers and foggers
  • Coverage meets chemical dwell time requirements
  • Faster application compared to pump or fog sprayers

Antimicrobial Solution

  • EPA-registered and FDA-approved antimicrobial solution
  • Kills microorganisms including bacteria and viruses on contact
  • Forms a molecular bond that creates an antimicrobial coating on surfaces
  • The coating creates a layer of positively charged molecular spikes that pierce, rupture, and kill microorganisms on contact
  • Maintains protection on surfaces for up to 45 days

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The Disinfection Process

The best disinfection services use products that are safe for equipment, children, animals, and food – so they can be used anywhere. You also want to look for a service provider that is willing to work with you to provide services at a time that is most convenient for you and your business. The typical process includes:


  1. Walk-through of the service area
  2. Finalize estimate and service date/time
  3. Receive pre-service checklist and educational materials for employees and customers


  1. Service provider comes to your business before or after normal operating hours
  2. Licensed technicians use atomizers to cover your environment with a water-based disinfectant
  3. Then coat with our patented antimicrobial surface protectant that keeps surfaces clean for up to 45 days
  4. Most jobs are completed in 2 hours or less*


  1. Facilities can be reentered* 2 hours after services are completed
  2. Receive a post-service sticker to display and let customers and employees know that they are protected
  3. Schedule your next monthly treatment

Aerify Is a Better Way to Clean

At Aerify, we might be a little biased, but we believe we can provide the best disinfecting services for your business. Our goal is to help businesses reopen and stay open by creating safe environments that protect against the biothreats of today and the future. Our patented technology and EPA-registered disinfectants take preventive action to fight against the spread of COVID-19.

What Makes Us Different

Taking a proactive instead of a reactive approach to fighting COVID-19 is the only way to keep your business open. We provide the advanced disinfecting solutions and services required to prevent, disinfect, and protect everyone coming to your business.

  • Our technology covers 99.999999% of surfaces: We use licensed technicians equipped with advanced atomization spray technology to treat your environment. Atomization uses pressured air to break the disinfectant into tiny airborne droplets that are a fraction of the width of human hair so it can infiltrate even the smallest crevices.
  • Our disinfectant kills COVID-19: Our hospital-grade disinfectant solution is registered with the EPA and is up to 99% effective in killing SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19). It is safe to use around kids, animals, and food and even works against other common harmful bacteria, fungi, and viruses.
  • Our antimicrobial solutions protect surfaces for up to 45 days: Our advanced antimicrobial solution forms a molecular bond that evenly coats surfaces. This bond creates a microbiostatic protective nanolayer of protective spikes. These spikes pierce and kill any microorganisms they touch and make surfaces uninhabitable for the regrowth of any microorganisms on surfaces. To maintain consistent coverage, we recommend treating your space every 30 days. Less frequent treatments mean less disruption to your business…and the peace of mind of 45-day protection.
  • We help you communicate your commitment to safety: We’re experts not just in keeping your business safe but in communicating that to your customers and staff. We can provide co-branded signage, emails, flyers, and more to let the people who are important to you know that your business takes their safety seriously.

Traditional cleaning services only keep surfaces sanitized until the next touch. Invest in antimicrobial solutions that protect longer to keep your business open.

The Best Disinfection Services with Aerify

You need the best disinfection services to reopen and stay open. That’s why we use advanced disinfecting solutions and technology to keep your environment protected. Our monthly services and easy scheduling help ensure that you remain in business. We’re here to help you get back to business.

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* Times dependent on the size of the surface area and air flow